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Founded in 2002, Eoltech is an independent consultancy firm focused on analyzing the wind resource throughout a project’s life-cycle and is now firmly established as the leading French player in this market.

Being fully aware that the credibility of an expertise relies on the independence of the third-party technical expert involved, Eoltech ensures that the services we deliver are always free from any form of conflict of interests.

From pre-construction wind resource assessments to post-construction yield analyses, Eoltech covers a wide range of services related to assessing the wind resource and evaluating the associated risks.

These areas of expertise are offered to our clients through technical support and auditing services. Based on an impressive track record, our expertise is recognized by all banking institutions involved with wind energy project finance in France.

Since 2011, Eoltech has developed expertise in the design of energy indexes dedicated to operators and portfolio managers. This indicator, which has been validated on more than 200 operating wind farms, is now a recognised benchmark for power production monitoring.


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